Board Minutes (July 23, 2009)

Vermont ACDA Board Meeting – Minutes
Burlington High School – July 23, 2009

Members in attendance: Frank Whitcomb, Donna Costes, Allyson Ledoux, Glory Reinstein, Susan Cherry, Nat Lew, Sherrill Blodget, Lori Routhier, Esther Holland, Dawn Willis

I. The meeting was called to order at 1:10 by President Frank Whitcomb.

II. The new board members were welcomed. Brief introductions were made.

III. Minutes from the last meeting were not available for approval.

IV. Treasurer Allyson Ledoux gave a summary of the expenses and income for the year. Currently there is $3287.62 in the checking account and $773.51 in the savings account for a total of $4061.23. Frank encouraged the board to think about building our revenue through building our membership and our audiences.

V. Glory reported that the Madrigal Festival took place at the North Ave. Alliance Church and it was very successful in terms of participation of choirs and audience attendance this year. The 2009 festival will be held at the same venue on Dec. 11th and Aimee Bushey will be the conductor.

No bill was presented by the church for facilities rental or custodial fees. Glory will check with the church to see if they need any payment for the 2008 festival.

Sherrill moved that ticket prices for the festival be raised to $8 Adult,
$6 Senior/Student and $20 Family. Donna seconded. The motion passed.

The registration deadline for the festival is Oct. 22 and the participation fee is $100 per choir. Nat moved that there should be a late fee of $50 and Sherrill seconded the motion. The motion passed. It was also decided that any school not paying the fee by Thanksgiving will not be allowed to participate.

VI. Susan reported that the Children’s Choir Festival had excellent participation this year. Frank raised the question of whether or not the VT ACDA conference should continue to be held jointly with the festival. After much discussion the consensus of the group was that it should not.

The dates for the 2010 festival will be April 9-10 and Susan has approached Christine Jordanoff to be the conductor. Joan Gregoryck has already agreed to conduct the festival in 2011. Lori will check to see if it could be held at the Immaculate Heart of Mary church. Ticket prices will be the same as the Madrigal Festival. Susan will bill the schools that have not returned their music from the festival last May. Susan recommends that the 2011 festival be held in St. Johnsbury.

VII. Donna reported the there are 59 ACDA members in Vermont. Twenty former members that had been allowed to remain on the listserve were notified that they would be removed. Three immediately renewed their membership.

The possibility of a student chapter at Castleton was discussed.

Allyson will try to get a list of schools and directors so we can target them for membership.

VIII. Frank is planning to have 4 newsletters each year. The deadline for the first one is September 2nd. He reminded the board to be sure to submit photos and bios for the website to Jeff Rehbach and to Frank for the newsletter. He asked all the board members to send him a short discussion of our ACDA responsibilities for the newsletter. He also would like to have suggestions for the name of the newsletter. He hopes to have 4 advertisers for the 1st newsletter.

IX. Lori Routhier is the chair for the Music in Worship Church Choir Festival which will be held in 2011. Lori’s phone number is listed incorrectly in the packet. It is (802) 353-0438.

X. Allyson is working on a collaboration with Carl Rechia to create a mentoring program for the high school males to rehearse with her boys once a month. There was discussion about other boys choirs in the state including groups directed by Mark Howe and Rip Jackson.

XI. Jazz Choirs – no report

XII. Frank proposed that the Community Choir Festival and the Church Choir Festival alternate each year. He will approach Art Zorn at Bethany UCC in Montpelier to see if the 2010 Community Choir Festival can be held there on May 2nd.

XIII. Nat reported that he is putting together a list of colleges and choral directors from the state. He will be in touch with the directors to invite them to get involved in VT ACDA activities.

XIV. Dawn reported that Bella Voce hosted a World Music for Women’s Voices Festival last January with over 100 women singing. She is compiling a list of women’s choirs in the state and considering possibly future festivals.

XV. Future meetings will be held as follows:
a. Tues, Sept 1 at St. Johnsbury School at 5:30
b. Tues, Nov. 17 at Immaculate Heart in Rutland at 5:30
c. Tues, Jan. 19 at Burlington High School at 5:30
d. Tues. April 13 at Bethany UCC, Montpelier (pending approval by Art Zorn) at 5:30

XVI. The meeting adjorned at 4:05.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Willis

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