Board Minutes (Sept. 1, 2009)

Vermont ACDA Board Meeting Minutes
St. Johnsbury School, Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Members in attendance:  Susan Cherry, Donna Costes, Esther Holland, Karen Jordan, Meghan LaRose, Allyson Ledoux, Nat Lew, Glory Reinstein, Dawn Willis, Frank Whitcomb

I              The meeting was called to order at 5:50 p.m. by President Frank Whitcomb

II             Frank noted that R & S contracts must be completed and forwarded to Eastern Division.  He noted a modest increase in membership and encouraged continued recruitment.  Arrangements for an audit of the financial records are in progress.

The Eastern Division conference will be held February 10-13 in Philadelphia.  Vermont will be well represented  by board attendance, a performance by Village Harmony, directed by Larry Gordon, a presentation by Sherrill Blodget and a reading session led by Glory Reinstein.  Vermont ACDA will also participate in the “Feast of the East” and staff a state pride table.  A meeting has been tentatively scheduled on Saturday, 2/13 at 1:00 p.m.

Festival preparations are underway.  The Madrigal Festival is December 11 at the North Avenue Alliance Church in Burlington and the Children’s Choir Festival will be held April 9 and 10 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Rutland.  Bethany UCC, in Montpelier, will  host the Community Chorus festival on May 2.

III           A motion was made to remove personal telephone numbers from the July meeting minutes.  The minutes were then approved.

IV           Frank presented the treasurer’s report. The current checking account balance is $3,435.80; the current savings account balance is $773.51.  It was noted that the total assets listed in the July meeting minutes should have read $4,061.13 rather than $4,061.23.

V             Glory reported that she has not yet received the program from the 2009 festival conductor.  The $100 registration fee will remain the same as last year. Schools that did not return music from the 2008 festival, will not receive music for the 2009 festival until they do so, or pay the replacement cost.  Allyson suggested that we provide patrons with tickets to ease the confusion at the door. Reusable tickets will be used to keep expenses low and to minimize waste.  Frank will arrange for ushers.

VI           Susan reported that Christine Jordanoff will be the conductor.  Susan has sent her past programs so that she can choose repertoire for the festival.

A sample application was presented.  Susan will send paperwork through the mail as several schools are not receiving information by email.  The application deadline is November 20.  The application will also be available on the website.

Expenses will include the $750 conductor’s stipend plus mileage and expenses, $300 for the use of the church, and accompanist and piano rental fees.

It was suggested that each school’s teacher or chaperons keep a medical form for each of their students.  A sample form from ACDA or NEMFA could be used.

VII          Donna reported that we currently have 59 members.  This includes several new and returning members.  Recruitment will continue with a welcome letter sent through the list serve and individual recruitment efforts.  Meghan offered to send such a letter to the Green Mountain District list serve.

VIII        Frank continues to work on the newsletter and reminded members that deadlines for submissions coincide with the meeting dates.  The newsletter will be sent out approximately one week after each meeting.  There have been difficulties with the website, largely due to difficulties linking with the national website.

Possible additions to the website might include a list of voice teachers and an event page.

IX           No Music in Worship Report.

X             Allyson reported that the CVU boys are mentoring boys at CCS during school hours.  She suggested that another recruitment technique is for conductors to attend their local school’s sporting events.  Nat suggested that it might be possible to arrange performances by touring boy’s choirs.  He will make inquiries about this possibility with colleagues from the Pacific Boys choir Academy.

XI           Meghan reported that the Vermont A Cappella Summit will be held at Middlebury College on February 27.  The summit includes daytime workshops and concerts in the evening.  This year’s event is a collaboration with Phillip Hamilton and the “Voices Project.”  The cost is $10 per person for daytime events and $7 for concert admission.

XII          Sherrill was unable to attend, but forwarded her notes about a possible format for the Community Chorus festival.  It could be modeled after the Madrigal festival (each group performing 2-3 selections with piano or organ accompaniment followed by combined selections) with a group dinner prior to the concert which would be approximately 1 ½ hours.

XIV        Nat has contacted colleagues through the Vermont Association of Colleges, and has received a few responses.  He has encouraged ACDA membership and suggested that the college groups add their events to the ACDA concert listing.

XV          Dawn has had difficulty making contact with the Eastern Division Womens’ Choir chair and will therefore contact the National chair.  Dawn also submitted feature stories on womens’ choirs to Frank for the newsletter.

XVI        Esther suggested that we try to involve college students at festivals, both for assistance and as part of their education.  This may result in the formation of student chapters.

XVII       The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Karen Jordan

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