Board Minutes (Jan. 19, 2010)

Vermont ACDA Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Burlington High School, Chorus Room
5:30 PM

see original minutes <DOC format>

I The meeting was called to order at 5:46 p.m.

II         President’s Announcements:

Frank Whitcomb spoke of the need to have a presence in the VMEA journal and he shared recent articles and ads for the Vermont chapter.  Dawn Willis agreed to write an article for the upcoming issue. Regarding the Eastern Conference, a $100 check was sent as our contribution to the “Feast of the East”. Frank noted that passing of Brent Miller and the notice of his memorial service. Board members were encouraged to vote in elections.  Frank will sent a note to Vermont members with a link to the voting website.  Board minutes are now posted on the VT ACDA website.

III        Approval of Minutes:

A slight change was noted that Glory Douglass was conducting a “concert welcome at the ACDA Eastern conference; minutes were approved with that change.

IV        Treasurer’s Report:

The checking account balance is $6,176.98 with $773 in the savings account.

Frank hopes to have $10,000 in order to finance the fall convention.

V         Madrigal Festival 2010 Report:

Glory Reinstein reported that the festival was successful; Aimee Bushey did a wonderful job and the shortened format for each school made the concert flow better.  Twelve schools participated with a total of approximately 250 performers. Fees were largely submitted in a timely manner. A question was raised about selling tickets in advance.  Glory noted that the North Ave. Alliance Church raised their fee from $300 last year to $550 this year, with additional custodial fees.  She will check about the church’s willingness to continue to allow ACDA to continue to use the space for future festivals.  Next year is the 30th anniversary of the event.

VI        Children’s Choir 2010 Report:

Susan Cherry was unable to attend the meeting.  Frank reported that the program selections are not in yet.  About 45 students normally participate.  The fee is $35 per student.  An accompanist still must be hired.  Frank will be in touch with Susan to firm up details about the festival.

VII       Past President, Membership Report:

Donna Costes reported that VT ACDA currently has 63 members up 4 since the last meeting; there are two additional members who have joined with their conference registration.  Sherrill Blodget has several additional student members who will be also be registering.  Frank encouraged the board to continue to recruit members to reach a goal of 70 members by April.  Nat encouraged the board to approach church musicians, who might not be aware of the organization. Questions arose about whether those whose membership has lapsed should be taken off of the list serve.  The consensus was to allow them to continue to see organizations activities in order to encourage them to re-join at a future date. Those who have dropped may be contacted personally and encouraged to re-join.

VIII      Editor’s Report:

Frank Whitcomb shared the draft of the newsletter he has been constructing.

IX         Music in Worship Report: Lori Routhier was not in attendance.  No report was given.

X         Boys Choirs:

Allyson Ledoux reported that the collaboration between the Charlotte Central School boys and the CVU boys is going well.  The were scheduled to perform a concert on Tuesday January 26, 2010.

XI        Jazz Choirs:

Megan LaRose encouraged members to participate in the A Capella Summit. Participants pay $10 for an entire day of interest sessions.

XII      Community Choir Report:

Sherrill Blodgett shared two possible formats for the Community Choir Festival. The board discussed the format and pieces to be performed by the combined groups.  Board members were asked to forward community choir conductors’ names and email addresses to Sherrill.  The participation fee will be $100/choir for members and $125 for non-members.  The possibility of church choirs’ participation was discussed, with a possible fee of $5 per participant in each choir.   Allyson will forward information from past festivals to Sherrill.

XIV     College & University Report:

Nathaniel Lew reported that he will try to get spring concert information from local colleges and universities to publish the information on our website.

XV      Women’s Choirs:

Dawn Willis reported that Cantabile Women’s and Men’s Choirs will tour the area and perform at the College Street Congregational Church in Burlington on April 16.  The concert is sponsored by Bella Voce.

XVI       Old Business

XVII     New Business

The next board meeting is April 13 at Bethany UCC.  Planning for the September VT ACDA convention will continue.  Frank is hoping to contract a nationally recognized guest speaker.

XVIII The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 p.m.

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