Flynn Teen Show Choir auditions

We are proud to announce auditions for an exciting new teen show choir! More than just a singing group, this powerhouse performing troupe combines high-energy movement and dance with tight vocal harmonies and expressive vitality—the perfect talent incubator for performers who aspire to be triple threats. Under the direction of Andrea Bonamico and Master Coach Bill Reed, a dynamic musical repertoire is rehearsed year-round for multiple annual performances held at various venues and events throughout the 2010-11 school year. A high level of expected proficiency and commitment to artistic growth serves as both challenge and, ultimately, reward to our performers. Mark your calendars for auditions on Saturday, September 11.

Rehearsals are Saturdays • 2-5 pm • $260/semester • Limit: 40

Choir Director: Andrea Bonamico; Master Coach: Bill Reed; Choreographer: Danielle Sertz

*We are extending the grade range for show choir auditions from grades 9-12 to include grades 7-8. Now grades 7-8 will also be allowed to audition, but must have a note of recommendation from a voice or acting teacher, or chorus director. (Grades 9-12 do not need a note.) To sign up, please email your name, age, grade, and email address to When we have more detailed information regarding auditions, we will let you know!

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