From the President (Oct. 12, 2010)

Dear Colleagues,

As the VMEA Convention is upon us, I thought I might share with you some of my favorite books about music that you might enjoy? I mention this because there will be vendors at the Convention that may very well have these books available or can order them for you. I hope you may find this valuable; there are many more!

Creating the Special World: A Collection of Lectures by Weston Noble. Edited by Steven Demorest. GIA Publications

The Robert Shaw Reader. edited by Robert Blocker. Yale University Press

In Quest of Answers: Interviews with American Choral Conductors. Editor and Interviewer Carole Glenn. Hinshaw Music, Inc.

Conscience of a Profession, Howard Swan. Hinshae Music, Inc.

Hogey’s Journey: A Memoir. Eph Ehly. Heritage Music Press

The Choral Experience: Literature, Materials, and Methods. Ray Robinson. Harper & Row

The Musician’s Spirit: Connecting to Others Through Story. James Jordan. GIA

The Musician’s Soul. James Jordan. GIA

Evoking Sound: Fundamentals of Choral Conducting and Rehearsals. James Jordan. GIA

What To Do In Case Of A Choir Rehearsal. James Woodward. Convention Press

Words About Music: A Treasury of Writings. John Amis & Michael Rose. Paragon House

Music and the Mind, Anthony Storr. The Free Press

Choral Music: Technique and Artistry. Charles W. Heffernan. Prentice-Hall

V-Bombs and Weathermaps: Reminiscences of World War II. Brock McElheran. McGill-Queen’s University Press

Dear People. Joseph A. Mussulman. Indiana University Press (Robert Shaw Biography)


Frank Whitcomb

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