Board Meeting Minutes (Oct. 5, 2010)

Vermont ACDA Board Meeting
Castleton College
October 5, 2010

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Members in attendance: Frank Whitcomb, Donna Costes, Allyson Ledoux, Susan Cherry, Sherrill Blodget, Lori Routhier, Dawn Willis

I. The meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by President Frank Whitcomb.

Minutes from the last meeting were not available for approval.

III. The first topic for discussion was the Community Choir Festivalscheduled for February 12, 2011 which will be held at Grace Church in Rutland. Sherrill reported that the total cost for using the church will be $500. She will speak with Rip Jackson, Music Director at Grace, to see if he would be willing to accompany the joint pieces. Diane Chartrand’s name was also suggested as another accompanist option if necessary. Choirs that plan to participate include Jeff Rehbach’s Middlebury Community Choir and one of Pierro Bonamico’s ensembles. Nov. 1st is the registration deadline.

The success of the Peace Concert which was held in Burlington the week before this meeting was raised and the point was made that having a charity associated with that event seemed to build enthusiasm around the concert. Several possible charities were discussed that could be tied to this concert including the “Campaign to End Childhood Hunger,” Camp Ta-Kum-Ta and “Walk for Hunger” which gives assistance to persons in need both locally and worldwide. Grace Church has connection with the “Walk for Hunger” program and it was selected to be the recipient. The percentage of donation that they will receive will be decided upon at a future meeting after Sherrill has a chance to speak with a representative of Grace Church.

PR for this event should be sent to Channel 15 and WCAX as well as VPR and WCVT, the Rutland Herald, Mountain Times, Sam’s Good News and the Thursday insert “Invite.”

Frank has 200 copies of the Rutter Gloria and RVW’s O Clap Your Hands available for the choirs to use. He will rent the brass parts and find the brass players for the concert. He thinks they will be willing to donate their time for this performance.

Having a potluck meal for the festival was discussed. Sherrill will speak with Rip to see if the Grace choir might provide the food in lieu of paying the registration fee for the event.

IV. The VTACDA exhibit table at the upcoming VMEA Conference was the next topic of discussion. Registration for the conference begins at 8:00 a.m. on October 21, 2010. Exhibitors can set up either on Wednesday afternoon or at 7:00 a.m. on the 21st. Lori will be the primary person manning the table and she will receive a free lunch ticket. Dawn Willis and Kristin Cinonetti will also be on hand to help cover the ACDA table. Lori will provide a blue tablecloth. Frank will bring a computer and a screen to project DVDs of ACDA performances during the day. Susan will bring DVDs of the last 2 Children Honor Choir performances.

Additional items for the table will include –ACDA brochures and application forms, Children’s Honor Choir, Madrigal Festival, and Community Chorus Festival application forms, information about the ACDA Chicago Convention, and the ACDA Video Library and Music Library lists. Frank will also bring a photo stand with pictures of the VTACDA leadership.

Lori has a friend that makes banners and she will check on the possibility of having an ACDA horizontal banner made.

Frank spent $131.08 to have brochures printed for the VMEA packets.

V. Frank announced that Tony Leach will be available to present a workshop May 4th, the day before the All-State Chorus rehearsals begin.

VI. The remainder of the meeting was devoted to discussion concerning a VTACDA conference next year. Options other than a conference were discussed including offering sessions around events currently offered by VTACDA including the Children’s Honor Choir Festival, Madrigal Festival, and the Community Choir Festival. Susan suggested that a reading session on the morning of the Children’s Honor Choir concert might be an additional draw to get children’s choir directors to participate. One suggestion might be to involve the guest conductor at events in a workshop, presentation or question/answer time prior to the beginning of the festival. Perhaps Glory could speak to the directors at the Madrigal Festival to see if there is any interest in this type of event for 2011.

Discussion followed regarding the possibility of joining with another state to share the conference. Perhaps Maine or New Hampshire.

Another idea was to consider joining forces with another group in Vermont such as AGO or NATS to see if they might want to share a conference. In 2013 Vermont will host the National Organ Historical Society Conference in Burlington – that might be an event to try to combine with.

Offering credit for conference participation is an important feature to offer. It would be beneficial if Castleton (with Sherrill as the professor of record) to offer credit for those interested. Further consideration regarding conference options will be included in the next meeting.

VII. The meeting was adjorned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Willis

download/see original minutes (.doc format)

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