From the President: Election results (Mar. 7, 2011)

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that our recent President-Elect election has given us a new President-Elect, and I do hope you will join me in congratulating Jeff Buettner to this position! I feel so confident that our organization is in good hands and ready to forge ahead with the team of Sherrill Blodget and Jeff Buettner at the helm.

I do not want any of us to forget that there were two other candidates for this election; Lori Routhier and Susan Cherry. These two individuals are dedicated ACDA members and both continue to serve on the Executive Board. I would encourage all of you to send a note of congratulations to Jeff Buettner [buettner @], and to also send a note to Lori [llmrmusic @] and Susan Cherry [cherrysam @] thanking both of them for their efforts and their willingness to run for this position.

I have been absent on this ListServe for a while……personal and professional commitments has been a bit overwhelming these past several weeks, but with the passing of New England Music Festival next week (which we are hosting at Burlington)… , I will be back to my weekly offerings and other responsibilities… I have lots of topics that I am looking to cover.

I believe that the Chicago Convention is this week, and I know that several of you are attending. I am so envious of all of you that are going; unfortunately I will not be able to as I have responsibilities for the New England Music Festival … I know that it will be an incredible experience for each and every one of you! Enjoy! This is one of the MANY benefits that ACDA membership brings to its members, and I hope that as you all come back with new energy and ideas, that you will feel the necessity to encourage more of our Vermont colleagues to join!

Another benefit, of course, is the Choral Journal, and I thought that this month’s Journal in particular was very useful and full of knowledge and information…please take the time to read it!

Once again, congratulations to Jeff; we are in good hands!

Most Sincerely,

Frank Whitcomb

One thought

  1. To Frank Whitcom and other friends ~

    I am looking for scholarly events about the music of JS Bach or other Baroque composers, like the excellent recent ones at the Crane School of Music and Middlebury College (Spring 2011) and reviewed by Frank Whitcom in his current newsletter. As a retired college professor, I have in mind learning opportunities more than (only) performances.
    Thank you for your suggestions.
    Lucie Arbuthnot, Ph.D.
    Sanford, Maine

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