Board Meeting Minutes (May 2, 2011)

Vermont ACDA Board Meeting
May 2, 2011

Vermont College of Fine Arts
36 College St., Montpelier, Vermont

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In attendance: Sherrill Blodgett, Nat Lew, Jeff Rehbach, Donna Costes, Frank Whitcomb, Megan LaRose, Karen Jordan

I. The meeting was called to order at 5:43 p.m.

II. President’s Announcements

President Frank Whitcomb reviewed the year’s activities. The Madrigal Festival was quite successful with a couple of new schools joining in. This resulted in a larger choir and additional income.

Tony Leach will be leading a Gospel workshop on Wednesday, May 4 from 4 to 6 p.m. At BFA St. Albans. 16 participants were registered – 14 ACDA members and 2 non members. Mr. Leach would be paid a fee of $250.

Sherrill Blodgett will be the incoming president with Jeff Buettner as the president elect.
Sherrill will need to make several new appointments as there will be several resignations from the board.

There are currently 81 VT ACDA members: 58 active, 8 retired, 11 student, 1 lifetime, 1 industry, 2 institution.

The checking account currently stands at $4701.14; the savings account has $762. There are no outstanding bills, There will be some bills for the Children’s/Middle School Honors festival.

Four scholarship applications were received. Two of these applications were from students whose memberships have lapsed. One of the teachers quickly renewed their membership, the other had not yet responded.

Community Choir Festival: For two straight years there has not been enough interest. Perhaps this type of festival isn’t needed or wanted. There has been a good response to the workshop; perhaps conductor centered activities would be more appealing for community/church choirs.

Perhaps a workshop could be connected to an annual meeting or conference.

III. Children’s/Middle School Honor

Susan Cherry just finished negotiating with the St. Johnsbury town manager to delay some construction that would have shut off water to the school.

Vicki Day designed the poster and program. The school cafeteria would be providing dinner. 54 students had registered for the choir. Admission will be $6,$8 and $20 for a family. A new coordinator will need to be found next year as Susan will not be continuing in this role next year

IV. Fall Conference

Discussion continued around a less formidable approach to providing services to community/church choir directors. One idea would be a less formal day filled with guest speakers, readings, interest sessions. Discussion continued to find an appropriate date in October in central Vermont.

Nat will check into a possible location. Sherrill mentioned that it might be possible to join with New Hampshire and Maine for a larger scale conference.

Nat suggested a direct mail with black and white postcards.

V. Jazz Choir

Megan LaRose feels that this category isn’t viable for Vermont. Discussion continued to include gospel, a capella, and barbershop groups.

VI. College/University Report

Choirs from St. Michael’s, Umass, and Castleton collaborated in a concert at race Church. Proceeds were donated to the Crop Walk.

VII. New Business

October session might include a “Fireside Chat” with a veteran conductor or local composer. Tables could be set up for interest sessions that might include warm-up ideas, games, rehearsal strategies. A reading session could be arranged by members signing up to bring music with them to share.

VIII. Website

Jeff plans to remove the calendar section. It is not being utilized. ACDA Eastern is starting a calendar which could be linked to the VT site. Allyson will need to look into changing the reply option on the list serve. Several people have asked to be removed from the list because of unwanted mail. Jeff will also look into setting up a Facebook page.

IX. Other

Sherrill suggested a few possible dates for a meeting in June. This might be attended by current as well as incoming board members.

X. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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