Board Meeting Minutes (Nov. 10, 2011)

Vermont ACDA Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Middlebury College

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1.  Meeting was called to order:  members in attendance were Sherrill Blodget, Jeff Buettner, Jeff Rehbach, Aimee Bushey, Susan Cherry, Dan Graves

2.  Minutes were approved

3.  Discussion of October Open House:
-Where?  Let’s try for Randolph again since the infrastructure is already in place
-When?:  Try for a later August date?  Discussion led to tabling this decision until a future meeting
-Who?:  Possible regional- open it to ME, MA, NH?
-Format:  Discussed pros and cons of 1 headliner vs. 2 vs. utilizing our own talent- possibly Susan Cherry and her research;  Reading sessions- should we do more and should they be back to back so everyone can go to all the sessions?; discussion of an open sing for all the musicians present; host a discussion of [ideas] (that possibly tie into the “theme” of the conference);  what should the time-frame be –  should we open by 9 and stay until 4:3o?  Some other thoughts:  warm-up share, something to highlight the church’s pipe organ, possible student involvement, Choral Sing-In (more discussion later)

4.  Reading Sessions

5.  10 Free Memberships
-Several names were given  and discussion around protocol for giving memberships

6.  Leadership Meeting Report (Jeff B): Jeff shared minutes from the leadership meeting- basically stating that there was a LOT of discussion about email……but several good conversations came from this event- centering around rural outreach and possible New England collaborations.

7.  Madrigal Festival 2011: Aimee reported that Sherrill will be the conductor; we are in the process of getting music out and that things are underway for this year’s festival (Friday, Dec. 9 at 7:30- No. Ave. Alliance Church, Burlington)

8.  Children’s Choir:
Susan reported that she has secured this year’s conductor (Michael SanFillipo of the Newark Boys Chorus School) and also put out an ad on ChoralNet for a conductor and received 28 highly qualified replies and resumes!  She has conductors lined up for the next several years!!!!
There was discussion about the logistics of hosting the festival at Middlebury that will be worked out between Susan and Jeff B & Jeff R and other appropriate campus staff.  An accompanist is needed-perhaps Kevin Parizo?

9.  Music in Worship:  Sherrill reported that Lori says she’s working on it!

10.  Essence of Joy:  Tony Leach’s choir from Penn State will be in the area in February- hoping to do some workshops and performance with local high schools……should it be an ACDA sponsored event?  Yes…..

11.  February Conference:
-Sherrill is looking into 2 bus companies and will go with less expensive- how many
people will be using this?

12.  Website column:  Jeff R will try to post who is writing for each month….
OCT:  Piero Bonamico
NOV:  Dan Graves
DEC:  Jeff Rehbach
JAN:  Lori Routhier
FEB:  Dawn (mentoring in B.V.)
MARCH:  Nat Lew
APRIL:  Kristin Cimonetti

13.  Future Meeting dates:  will be done with an online survey instrument from Sherrill

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