Ladies’ Night Out women’s chorus Fall season (Rutland)

Hello Women Singers in Rutland County and surrounding areas! It’s time to think about the fall music season. If you love to sing, and will be in the area for the weekend after Thanksgiving, please come sing with Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus.

We practice Tuesday nights from 7-9 at the Rutland Middle School Music Room, starting Sept. 18 through Nov. 20, with performances at Trinity Church, Rutland on Saturday, Nov. 24 at 7 pm, St. Bridget’s W. Rutland Sunday Nov. 25 at 3 pm, and Weston Church on the Hill, Tuesday Nov. 26 at 7:30 pm.

This season we will be performing John Rutter’s “Dancing Day Cycle” for women’s voices and Harp. Harpist Heidi Soons from the VSO will be accompanying that part of the program. Rehearsal pianist Jacob McLaughlin will also accompany some of the performance pieces. Some music for this season is African with percussion and drumming. Conductor/Director Lucy Tenenbaum has just finished one semester of a graduate school program in Choral Pedagogy, and has many new ideas for fun rehearsals and learning the music. One major new aspect of the group is the INCLUSIVE nature of the choir. No singer will be turned away if she is willing to come to rehearsals and work on the music outside of choir.

This season there will be 4 different layers of performing groups.

  • Layer 1 is the “Song Leaders” who will lead the sing-along portion of the program. Women who prefer to sing only melody, whose voices aren’t solo voices and who may have a limited range are welcome to participate at this level, to share in the rehearsals, the music, and the enjoyment of being a part of this wonderful group of women.
  • Layer 2 is for singers who can learn new music but don’t want to struggle with the hardest of the music. Much of the music at this level will be taught by rote, as well as rehearsal CDs available to help learn the music.
  • Layer 3 is for the more skilled musicians among the group who can learn their parts independently, can carry harmony parts, and have a wider vocal range. Rehearsal CDs will also be made for this group singing the Rutter “Dancing Day Cycle” with Heidi Soons, Harpist from the VSO as well as the other portions of the performance.
  • The final layer will be made up of women who sing from any of the other layers—it’s the Caroling group that rehearses 3 Saturdays over the fall, and goes out on Dec. 8 to some of the adult care facilities in the area to sing Christmas Carols with the residents.

A $25 donation is requested per singer for the semester. We have a lot of overhead, from our accompanying instrumentalists to music purchases and preparation of the rehearsal and performance sites (piano tuning, mostly)

I hope you will come sing with us starting Sept. 18. Please call Lucy Tenenbaum, Director, 802 775 8004 or email,, to set up a meeting so your “layer” assignment can be mutually determined. Hope to see you in the fall.

Lucy Allen Tenenbaum

Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus
Lucy Allen Tenenbaum, Director
196 Killington Ave
Rutland Vermont 05701