Children’s / Middle School Honors Choir – Invitation 2013

September 30, 2012‎

The Vermont ACDA announces plans for the fourteenth annual Vermont ACDA ‎Children’s/Middle School Honor Choir Festival to be held May 3rd and 4th, ‎‎2013 at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Rutland, VT. Our conductor this ‎year is Chris Clark, a teacher and director from the Southern Berkshire Regional ‎School District in Sheffield, MA. More information on our conductor is at the ‎bottom of this invitation.

Application instructions & forms

Members of VT – ACDA are invited to audition up to fifteen of their students to ‎participate. These students should be in grades six, seven, eight, or nine for the ‎‎2012-2013 school year and have an unchanged voice. They must be members of ‎their school choir, community children’s choir, or church choir. The singers you ‎choose should be willing to be music ambassadors for excellence. We are ‎encouraging directors to send both boys and girls. (We are hoping for about half ‎and half.)‎

Again, this year, non – ACDA choral directors in Vermont are encouraged to ‎submit up to eight members of their school or church choirs. There is a one – ‎time $30 non-member fee to participate. ‎

Students will be selected by teacher recommendation. Please follow the ‎application instructions carefully and do not miss the deadline of February 16, ‎‎2013. Failure to adhere to deadlines may result in your students not being ‎allowed to participate in the 2013 VT ACDA Children’s Honor Choir. Be certain ‎that your singers and their parents have fully read, understand and sign the ‎statement of obligation. You should return a copy of the application to the ‎parent for their future information. Teachers will be notified of student’s ‎participation by February 23, 2013. A $40.00 participation fee will be due on or ‎before April 15, 2013. Checks should be made out to VT ACDA. Food expenses ‎are separate, and will be paid when checking in on Friday.‎

We are excited about this upcoming event! Remember to return the application ‎form by February 16th to Susan Cherry, 49 Frost Ave. St. Johnsbury, VT 05819. ‎You may also call (802) 748-2538 if you have any questions.‎


Susan Cherry
Children’s and Middle School Choir R&S Chair


Christopher L. Clark received his Bachelor of Music Education degree from Cleveland ‎State University and his Masters of Music Education and Masters of Choral Conducting ‎from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He conducts choruses in grades 3-8 as well ‎as a High School Madrigal Ensemble, Men’s Quartet, and Women’s Ensemble for the ‎Southern Berkshire Regional school District in Sheffield, MA. He has conducted for the ‎George Mason University Voices United Conference, the Choraliers, a community ‎chorus, and various choirs as a Graduate Assistant at Bowling Green State University. He ‎also spent several years conducting church choirs and school choirs in Ohio. Mr. Clark ‎participated in the Oregon Bach Festival in 2010 with Helmuth Rilling and Craig Hella ‎Johnson, and participates regularly in ACDA events. He has performed as a Baritone in ‎various recitals and operatic works. We are pleased that Mr. Clark will be our guest ‎conductor at this year’s VT Children’s and Middle School Honor Choir Festival.‎