Position announcement: Bennington County Choral Society music director

The Bennington County Choral Society is searching for a new director to start in the fall of 2014.  Applications are being received now.  If you are interested in the position, please apply.  If not, please refer this information to anyone you know who might be interested.

The Chorus:  The Bennington County Choral Society is a mixed voice adult chorus with a membership of about fifty singers drawn from Bennington, VT and neighboring communities in NY and MA.  It is open without audition, performs two concerts each year, and features a varied repertoire.   To keep choral music alive we are ready to refocus our product to entertain and serve the community, and attract people to the art.
The Director:  The successful candidate will have multiple years’ experience in directing a school, church, or community chorus.  The director will challenge chorus members to improve musical skills both personally and collectively.  Our new director will imaginatively lead us in revitalizing our programs and driving our outreach.   In shaping programs appealing to choristers and community alike, the director will be encouraged to integrate new works and venues of expression with the classics and standards of the choral literature.
Employment:  The position is part-time as an independent contractor, no benefits, salary is competitive.
Job Description:  A complete job description is available upon request (or, see below).  Email: bccs.search@gmail.com
Application:  Submit application electronically (in PDF format) or by mail before February 28, 2014.
Application should include: a short letter of interest, résumé, programs from prior concerts, and names and contact information for three references (including at least one current or former chorister).
Candidates who are invited to interview should be prepared to provide a short video of your conducting, preferably both in rehearsal and concert.
Finalists will be asked to direct the chorus in rehearsal during May/June 2014.  You will be asked to direct one piece from our repertoire and to introduce a new piece of your own choosing.
BCCS Search Committee
P. O. Box 44
Bennington, VT  05201

Thank you,
Dick Rhindress, chair
Search Committee of the
Bennington County Choral Society


Job Description: Musical Director of Community Chorus
Supervised by: Board of Directors
Purpose of Position: To develop and carry out choral programming, lead and inspire the chorus.
Chorus Vision:
A. To provide a welcoming place for singers and would be singers to experience the joy of singing.
B. To offer choral music to the community with regular concerts, and bring it to the community through outreach efforts and collaborations with schools, service organizations, businesses, and other arts
C. To keep choral music alive, make it more relevant, and attract people to the art.
1. Conduct rehearsals and concerts for two performances.
2. Provide musical direction for outreach events and conduct them as appropriate.
3. Audition, select and coach soloists and small group ensembles.
4. Design each concert performance including theme development and integration of guest artists, ensembles, soloists and visual elements.
5. Prepare the chorus for community outreach events and opportunities. Work with the music committee to develop a standing repertoire (“Rep Book”) for use in community outreach events; create ways to
maintain its freshness.
6. Take advantage of the appropriately talented chorus members by training and guiding them to take musical responsibility as needed both in rehearsals and at events when the AD cannot be present.
7. Work with the music committee to identify future concert themes. Research and select repertoire, identify and select guest artists, soloists, accompaniment. and collaborations.
8. Organize a rehearsal and performance schedule for the year, including subscription concerts and outreach activities.
9. Ensure that current season music is selected, available, and/or purchased.
10. Secure new arrangements and commissions, assure performance rights are included.
11. Arrange for, and supervise an accompanist.
12. Contract with and prepare scores for instrumentalists.
13. Select section leaders and communicate regularly with them regarding vocal issues, repertoire to cover
in upcoming sectionals and other musical needs.
14. Write narrative as needed for concert announcements and publicity.
15. Attend Board meetings and provide a report to the Board at each meeting.
16. Work with the chorus and the board to promote a positive atmosphere within the organization.
17. Network with other arts organizations, music directors, and community groups to increase the visibility
of the chorus, encourage collaboration, and coordinate offerings.
18. Participate in fundraising, grant preparation, public relations, annual meetings, and choral events.
19. Participate in professional development.
20. Review new choral works and recordings.
Desired Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
A. BA or Advanced Degree (preferred) in Music with an emphasis in choral conducting or equivalent conducting experience (minimum 5-6 years) including the performance of major choral works at a professional level with orchestra and soloists.
B. Experience conducting or working with a community-based chorus and with singers of various musical skills and experience.
C. Instructional skills in the use of best practices in vocal production and vocal techniques.
D. Ability to teach, motivate and inspire choral members, and to attract and retain musical talent.
E. Ability to maintain proper conduct of the Chorus and all musicians at all rehearsals and performances.
F. Ability to offer strong leadership skills as well as to balance work within a team setting.
G. Flexibility in working with a diverse group of personalities.
H. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
I. Ability to work within electronic mediums: word processing, music editing, e-mail, and internet.