2017 National Conference – Collegiate Scholarship opportunity

ACDA is offering to each state five scholarships  that will completely cover conference registration fees for students to attend the 2017 ACDA National Conference in Minneapolis, March 8-11, 2017.
For information from ACDA, see:

Here are the basics!

  • Students submit their applications to VT ACDA president Kristin Cimonetti [kcimonetti27@gmail.com] by Oct. 15, 2016, at the latest.
  • Student applications include a completed form (available at the above ACDA link) and two letters of recommendation.
  • Students must be student members of ACDA
    (1) at the time they apply for the scholarship and
    (2) during the National Conference.
    ACDA will not accept students for the award who have not yet joined ACDA.