Join ACDA! reflections by Danielle Carrier

The Vermont ACDA chapter is a phenomenally supportive and collaborative community that I highly encourage all choral musicians to be a part of. In my first few months of teaching, after leaving my support group of college peers and faculty mentors, it was easy to feel isolated. I was used to having seemingly limitless resources for any and all things choral, and I wasn’t sure if I would ever find anything like that in Vermont. Then, my students and I participated in the ACDA-sponsored Madrigal Festival. Within seconds of walking through the door, I was greeted with hugs, warm smiles, and excitement to have a new teacher there. Once the students had begun rehearsing, all of the educators got together to discuss the festival. I was immediately impressed with the level of experience, expertise, and passion for teaching and music that I was witnessing. This, I realized, was my new support group.

Throughout my last three years as an educator, the individuals I met at that festival have been both peers and mentors, but more than that, they have become true friends. I know that I could go to any one of them, any time, with any question, and they would do everything they could to provide the help and information I needed. Upon joining the VT ACDA board, I realized that our membership extends well beyond educators, and that we have an enormous variety offantastic things to offer all choral musicians. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to work with such an amazing community and I am proud to be a member of the VT ACDA chapter.

Danielle Carrier
Choral Director
North Country Union High School
VT ACDA Board Secretary

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