2020 Children’s Honor Choir Festival

The Vermont ACDA announces the twentieth annual Vermont ACDA Children’s Honor Choir Festival to be held May 1 & 2, 2020 (Friday and Saturday) at the First Baptist Church in Burlington, VT. Our guest conductor is Sophia Papoulis.

Please save the date for this unforgettable event that includes singers in grades 6 through 9 from all across Vermont. We’ll post updates as soon as registration opens. Hope to see you there!  
See below for general info to get an idea of how it all works. 

Who can participate?
● Students in grades 6-9 with Teacher Recommendation
● Participants must be a member of their school, community, or worship choir and commit to be Ambassadors for Choral Excellence.
● The program will be for treble voices with an option for changes voices to double one of the voice parts down the octave.

Can all teachers recommend students?
● Yes! however teachers NOT in either ACDA or VMEA will be required to pay a $35 group fee.
● In the unlikely event we exceed 150 participants priority will be given to ACDA members first followed by VMEA and then all others.

What does it cost for students?
● The registration is $43 per student (subject to change). This includes an ice cream social on Friday and lunch on Saturday as well as all other costs to run the festival.
● Tickets are $7 each and up to two can be purchased at the time of registration. (CHECKS should therefore be either $43, $50 or $57 ONLY at time of registration)
● Extra tickets will be sold later via email once registration is closed at $7 in advance or $8 at the door

What is the general schedule/ expectations for the festival?
● Rehearsal is Friday and Saturday with a concert Saturday afternoon.
● All students must commit to be there for the full time on both days.
● Friday:
*Registration will be from 10:15-10:45
*Rehearsals from 11:00- 5:45 with a 12:30 lunch break (BROWN BAG) and 3:00 ice cream social

● Saturday:
*9:00- 1:00 rehearsal with lunch break (LUNCH PROVIDED)
*1:00 Concert

Great! So I’m a director. What do I do now?
● Print the registration sheet to give to parents
● Give out scholarship forms to those who may need it and submit with registrations
● Collect ALL registrations and checks (made out to VT-ACDA for either $43, $50 or $57) and mail to:
Heather Schoppmann, 557 Happy Hollow Rd, Huntington, VT 05462
● REGISTRATION closes in late January
● Teachers will be notified of those accepted by early February and music sent out shortly after
● Questions: email the festival manager at schoppmah@gmail.com
Please note: If a student chooses not to participate there are NO REFUNDS on the registration

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