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As some of us may be unfamiliar with the language and texts of Liebeslieder, our conference conductor, Dr. Christopher Kiver, has offered these audio pronunciation recordings as a resource. Sessions at the conference will also help with this!

Update June 13, 2017: Here are the movements that we will focus on at the conference:

1) Rede Mädchen
3) O die Frauen (TB)- with choir or soloists
4) Wie des Abends schöne Röte (SA)- with choir or soloists
5) Die grüne Hopfenranke
6) Ein kleiner, hübscher Vogel
7) Wohl schön bewandt war es (unison women) or alto solo
9) Am Donaustrande
11) Nein, es ist nicht auszukommen
12) Schlosser auf, und mache Schlösser
15) Nachtigall, sie singt so schön
17) Nicht wandle, mein Licht (T)
18) Es bebet das Gesträuche


Audio files for the texts of each movement can be found here:

For those looking for score to begin preparing here is one from IMSLP
(at the conference, we’ll use the Alfred Publishers score edited by Robert Shaw):

To listen to a recording of the songs, here is the Penn State Choirs performing the Liebeslieder with Dr. Kiver: