Why join the ACDA?

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Like you, we are a group of choral professionals whose joy comes from the performance, composition, publishing, research, and teaching the fine art of choral music. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote excellence in choral music.

From the smallest towns to the largest cities across America, we strive to elevate the role of choral music and the way it touches our society. In Vermont, especially, we feel the positive impact of choral singing in our schools, communities, and churches. Singing brings us together as a people like no other activity is capable of doing. Singing breaks the boundaries of age, class, political views, and religion. We breathe together and make beautiful music together as Vermonters.

The mission of the ACDA is “TO INSPIRE EXCELLENCE IN CHORAL MUSIC THROUGH EDUCATION, PERFORMANCE, COMPOSITION, AND ADVOCACY.”  As members of the VT-ACDA we participate in festivals, attend workshops and conferences that heighten our work as conductors and musicians, advocate for organizations and programs that are struggling to stay afloat, and strengthen our sense of community across the state and, ultimately, across the country.  Our membership supports the work of the ACDA and in turn, the ACDA supports the work of our membership.

To join the ACDA today, please visit the ACDA MEMBERSHIP PAGE and fill out the simple registration form.
Membership rates vary depending on your status, with special discounted rates for our student members!

ACDA Sing Up

Already a member? Email Susanne Norwood at to refer-a-colleague during the SING UP! 2021 Membership Drive. Referral forms are available here.

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