COVID-19 Resources

VMEA/VT-ACDA Resources Google Folder

Hello everyone, 

We created this folder in order to provide you with access to resources to advocate for your programs, positions, and students, plan for the future, and be as informed as possible as we look ahead into a school year or season that holds many unknowns.
It is important that we communicate with one another and ask as many questions as possible, that we take on an active role in the planning process, not a reactive one.
Our leadership is here to advocate for you and your program. We understand the important role music plays in our communities, especially in times of crisis and believe this is precisely when our work should be pulled to the forefront, not minimized. 

Please take the time to look through these resources and let us know what you need more of… we are here to help! And if we don’t know the answer, remember that we have the resources of our national organizations on our side as well. They are here to support us in any way we need. 

Be well and take care. 

Your VMEA and VT-ACDA Boards