Vermont at ACDA Eastern Div. Conference (Feb. 2010)

From Frank WhitcombCongratulations to our 14 selected Eastern Honor Choir members and their directors! As far as I can tell, the following students have been chosen from Vermont.

Women’s Honor Choir
Hannah Chambers   Anne Hamilton, Teacher     North Country  Union, Newport
Kaleigh Clowery   Anne Hamilton, Teacher     North Country Union
Leah Cornelius    Anne Hamilton, Teacher     North Country Union
Julia Doiron      Mary Ellen Harlow, Teacher Mill River Union
Emy Geer          Glory Reinstein, Teacher   Essex High School
Lydia Koch        Glory Reinstein, Teacher   Essex High School
Alyssa Korol      Alan Rowe, Teacher         St. Johnsbury Academy
Tess Lebowitz     Kathleen Fields/Esther Holland, Teachers  Lyndon Institute
Olivia Root       Chelsie Henderson/Melissa Towle, Teachers B.F.A. Fairfax
Men’s Choir
Robert Little     Frank Whitcomb, Teacher    Burlington High School
Zach Smejkal      Caleb Pillsbury, Teacher   Mt. Mansfield
Bengamin Stevens  Anne Hamilton, Teacher     North Country Union
Mark Tkach        Glory Reinstein, Teacher   Essex High School
Children’s Choir
Elizabeth Sachsse Kathy Sherlock-Green, Teacher 
Additionally, we should also acknowledge Sherrill Blodget, Choral Director at Castleton State College and ACDA R&S Chair for Community Choirs, for being chosen to present a research paper, and Glory Reinstein, ACDA R&S Chair for High School Choirs, for being selected to conduct an opening choral selection at one of the Conference Sessions. Middlebury’s Jessica Allen will be one of the conductors for the Worship Music reading sessions.
Also announced earlier was our sole choral group being conducted by Larry Gordon as a featured choir from Vermont.
Congratulations to  Jeff Buettner, director of choral activities at Middlebury College and VYO Chorus director, for his acceptance as one of the conductors that will be working one on one with Helmuth Rilling at the Bach Institute during the Eastern Division Conference in Philadelphia. This is a distinct honor and credit to Jeff, Middlebury College and to Vermont ACDA.
We should all feel very proud of the students, choral directors and choirs that will be representing our state at this Eastern Division Conference in Philadelphia in February. Most of your ACDA VT Executive Board will be attending; I would appreciate hearing from other members that might be planning on attending?
Most Sincerely,
Frank Whitcomb

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